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I’m Back!

~From outer space~

Just kidding, I haven’t gone that far. But, I did just get back from Aruba! Not for all these months that I’ve been gone (I wish) but it was where I spent the last week for my Spring Break. I went with my parents, my sister, and my grandma, and let me say that it was incredible.


So, for the next however many posts it takes to get it out of my system, I will be posting about Aruba. Partly because I just have so many wonderful things to say about that island, and partly because I can’t flood my Instagram account with the exorbitant amount of photographs that I took while I was there.

See you soon!

xxxoo Maddie

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Finals Got Me Like….

The end is in sight, y’all. Only one more week left and then winter break can start. I am looking forward to 5 straight weeks of no homework, no studying, no essays, and no bloody group projects! I’m planning on taking full advantage of this break; this will probably be the last time I have this much free time, since I plan on (hopefully) getting a job after graduating in May. Not many jobs give five weeks of vacation time, and four months in the summer off.

Do I really have to become a Certified Adult™ I think I’d be okay with staying an Adult In Training™ for the rest of my life….

Anyway, that brings me to now. It is currently 2 am on a Thursday as I write this. It’s due tomorrow before 10:20, and yes, I did have the whole week to start it. No, I did not remember it until an hour ago (ease up, it’s been a rough few weeks). I would get up early in the morning and do it, but I have a debriefing with Public Safety then about proper protesting guidelines. Students on campus are holding a peaceful protest for our food service workers to get more hours and all-around better contracts.

How you doin’?

So, I open my laptop to do homework and immediately procrastinate by making English Muffin Pizzas. I like how they each have a half pepperoni that makes it look like they’re winking. Seriously, finals is getting to me, guys.

Wish me luck,

XOXXO Maddie

P.S. Read this article by my writer and friend Roslin. I’m the Director for The Rival UHart, check us out and like us on Facebook!

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Thanksgiving Bonus

So, this is my ice bucket. It is precious, and sings when you take the lid off to remind you to replace it, lest all the ice melts. We’ve had it for a few years now, and some of the notes come out a little off-key, but we don’t mind. It’s the little ice bucket that could. This year, folks, my dad decided to put it into a pair of mannequin legs.

Let me back up.

Back in October 2016, my grandmother wanted a mummy to put on her porch for Halloween. She goes all-out for every holiday, and Halloween is no exception. So she bought herself a mannequin online and asked my dad to help her transform it. My father, being the good son that he is, took on the challenge (a little too excitedly).

This is Molly and Dad. Well, Molly’s head, anyway. Dad was home alone this weekend since Mom was on a business trip…Things took a turn.




So eventually, after dyeing strips of cloth, pasting them onto Molly with Mod Podge, and replacing her head with a skeleton, Molly was complete. Gram put the photos on Facebook and thanked Dad for the awesome job.

Flash forward to the next week. My uncle went to the town dump and spotted a pair of mannequin legs (just the legs…) at the “good table”. That is an area where people place things like televisions and bicycles that aren’t broken, but no one wants to bother with selling them. What was the rational thing to do? Pick up the legs and give them to my dad!

I get home from school for Thanksgiving break and my dad asks me to help him saw off the top of the legs to make them flat. He wanted to put a piece of glass on the top and turn it into a tall cocktail table (it was a male mannequin. Cock-tail…get it? We thought it was funny).

I tried to warn Dad, but he didn’t realize it was hollow until it was too late. Looking down the mannequin’s wais,t I could see all the way down to the inside of his feet. So of course, how does my dad solve this disaster? He puts his utili-kilt (everyday work kilt) on it and STUFFS MY ADORABLE SINGING ICE BUCKET INTO THE OPENING OF THE MANNEQUIN LEGS. He even went so far as to make it ~anatomically correct~ but I will give you the blessing of not including a picture.

Either way, Thanksgiving was weird as hell with everyone scooping ice out of a pair of legs all day.

P.S. We named him Fergus

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Thanksgiving Treats

Truffles 4.jpg

Happy post-turkey day everyone! My family always hosts the holiday at our house (because we have the biggest dining room). This is something that I totally take advantage of, because I get to stay in sweatpants until the first guest arrives, and we get to keep most of the leftovers.

The table was piled marvelously high with delicacies such as mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing. But for dessert, I made my Oreo truffles. These are the most delicious little morsels you will ever pop into your mouth, I promise.

All you need for this recipe is one pack of regular Oreos, an 8 oz. block of cream cheese, and enough semi-sweet chocolate chips to melt and cover however many balls you can roll out of the dough. By regular Oreos, I mean the original flavor, and not DoubleStuf. If you use DoubleStuf then the dough will be too moist and won’t hold together.

The first thing you need to do is break apart the Oreos. Either put them in a large zip top bag and smash them with a rolling pin or coffee mug, or grind them up in a food processor. Whichever method you choose, be sure that the mixture is finely crushed. You don’t want your guests (or yourself) to bite into a clump of hard cookie.

Once the cookies have been completely obliterated, add in the cream cheese. It may help if you cut the block up into sections and add them one at a time. You can mix it in by hand, with an electric mixer, or straight into the food processor and combine until you can’t see any streaks of white.

Roll the dough into small balls, no bigger than 1”. Line them up on a metal sheet pan lined with parchment paper and refrigerate so they can firm up a bit and can be handled without melting or falling apart.

While they are in the fridge, melt your chocolate chips in a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler than just rest a medium-sized glass bowl over a pot of simmering water. Or, just microwave and stir, in 15 second increments. You just need to make sure that you don’t let the chocolate get over 90° F or it will lose its temper and won’t solidify properly.

All that is left to do is dip your truffles into the melted chocolate to coat them completely. Using a fork to fish out the truffles, tap the fork lightly against the lip of the bowl containing the melted chocolate; this allows any extra coating to drip off. Let your truffles rest back on the cookie sheet with parchment paper, and place in the fridge to set. Remove them from the fridge a few minutes before eating so the shell can soften up a bit.


Truffles 5.jpg


Truffles 3.jpg

Truffles 2.jpg

Truffles 1.jpg




Happy holidays!

XXO Maddie

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How to do the #MannequinChallenge

So in my online journalism class we decided to do the Mannequin Challenge. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, all you need is a large group of people and a bit of quiet. The only rule is that you and anyone who is participating has to stay as still as, well, a mannequin.

The origin of the Mannequin Challenge is a bit fuzzy, and like most internet trends, hard  to track down. But the only thing that is consistent is the use of the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Mane. The song is a synth-filled hip-hop song that plays in the background of every video. (In our video we removed the audio to show how it was created).

The way to do it is to stand as still as you can while a friend walks around and films everyone. Celebrities do it, athletes do it, and even Fox News did it. You can do a normal scene, or follow the footsteps of Adele and do a pub scene. Either way, this is some fun that you don’t want to miss out on!

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Breakfast of Champions: Part 2

Because last week was devoted to coffee, I figured we should get the ball rolling for the rest of our meal! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and the only thing that makes it better is sleeping in and turning it into brunch.

Brunch is not a meal, it’s a game: and I always win.

One of the easiest ways to look like you have your $**! together is throwing together a breakfast that needs zero cooking. By that I mean, just chuck a bunch of fruits on a platter and pour some yogurt and honey in a bowl, and you look fancy AF. My queen, Ina Garten, is the best at fruit platters. But she is also the best at everything. I may be biased….

But seriously, all you have to do is get a handful of your favorite fruits and pile them all next to each other on a platter. Smaller fruits like berries are best, since you don’t have to cut of peel them. If berries aren’t in season then just buy the freshest and most flavor fruit on the market!

This spread's just for YOU. You killed it these past three days!!! Treat yourself and keep an eye out cause we'll announce the winners tomorrow! Hanks for the  @earthyandy by sambazon:

If you like fruits that sit on the exotic end of the spectrum, try something like this!

Hey guys  I wasn't having the best day, so thought I would cheer myself up…:

Voila! The easiest breakfast ever. Just put this in front of your guests along with some yogurt and honey and the perfect coffee that you now know how to make and they will be tres impressed. Happy brunching!