About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Maddie, and I am a Senior at the University of Hartford, where I’m getting my degree in Communications.


I was born and raised in Hollis, New Hampshire. Hollis is a small farming-type town, with not much to do. There are small plots of land that stretch along either side of the road full of yellow corn, orangepumpkins, and red apples. Getting stuck behind a tractor is an acceptable excuse when you show up late somewhere.

The house I grew up in also had a lot of land, and this is where I learned how much I love cooking. There is something about the way food tastes when you grow it yourself. It’s like you know all of its secrets. Or buying from the farmer’s market stand down the street and coming home with produce spilling out of your arms: you can trust the people who grow it when they say it’s fresh.

Making quick and easy recipes with fresh ingredients is what I love to do most. Cooking seems to relax me, because you need to focus on the immediate task at hand, otherwise you risk getting cut or burning the food.


I have been writing for the past four years, and have wrote about food for one. I spent a year working on the online publication The Odyssey, and am currently the Director of Communications of The Rival at UHart. For more information, I can be reached by email at macutler@hartford.edu.

Dig in and enjoy!

XO Maddie


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is the only place I could find for a reply. I love your writing. I can picture what you are saying and isn’t that what writing is all about. Keep on keeping on. xoxo Gram


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