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A little bit about Alex Sherman

Sherman (middle) with two friends

Alexandra Renee Nelson-Sherman, or Alex for short, is a 21 year old senior at the University of Hartford. Sherman is a Communications major, with a focus in public relations and advertising. Hailing from Fairmount, Philadelphia, a tiny central city, Sherman dreams of moving to New York after graduation.

Sherman likes how there is so many things to do in New York. “Philly is like a miniature New York,” said Sherman. “But I want to experience something different.”

Even though Sherman walks around campus repping a casual style of ripped denim jeans and sneakers, she still has a love for high fashion. While some of her favorite designers are Balenciaga and Balmain, to Sherman, “staying comfortable is what’s important.”

In New York, Sherman wants to work in fashion PR, most likely with a fashion magazine.

When Sherman isn’t in the world of PR and fashion, Sherman likes to hang out with her friends and family. One of her favorite things to do is going out to eat, turning something mundane into a social event. Her favorite food is sushi, and she is a picky eater. “I’m really picky. I hate cheese, unless it’s pizza.” Sherman said.

Despite having a love of food and eating, Sherman claims going out to eat is one of her bad habits.

Before Sherman got into fashion, she used to be quite the musician. “I was decent at the guitar, I would play Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Sherman said of one of the seven instruments she played over the years. Besides the acoustic guitar, Sherman also played the electric guitar, the piano, the violin, the cello, the clarinet, and the harp.

The harp was a Christmas present from her father, and she only had about four or five lessons. Even though she abandoned many instruments for other things, Sherman still has her old acoustic guitar.

While Sherman does not consider herself to be athletic, she was required to take sports in high school. Sherman went to a private school, where she played JV tennis and softball her freshman year.

One thing that Sherman did with her family growing up was horseback riding. First, starting out at camp and winning little ribbons here and there, all the way to doing jumps in the ring, some that were four feet high.

Her father got both her and her sister a horse, plus one for himself and one to spare. Together, Sherman and her family would ride and take lessons from a trainer.

Sherman rode for about five years. Disliking her trainer combined with the money required to own and board four horses led the family to eventually sell the horses, which Sherman has grown to regret.

One thing that Sherman is proud of is that she recently did a marketing internship back home in Philly. She ran social media and wrote blog posts for the company. She also did a lot of writing and press releases. Sherman hopes that she can do something similar once she gets to New York.



Hello everyone! My name is Maddie and I am a senior the University of Hartford.

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